Testimony of Bro Polepaka Karun Sravan

God is so faithful in my life, my childhood was centered around with my parents and two sisters ( Phy.Dr. Swetha & Phy.Dr. Sabitha ) I’m so greatful to God that God has given such a wonderful parents especially my father Polepaka Sudharshanam and my mother Kamala. They used to teach me the good tidings of Christ to show love, care and respect towards others in society. The important teachings which I have grasped from my father, which are unforgettable one’s, specially he had taught “don’t do mistake and don’t get blamed always lift your hand to give and bless but don’t beg” because your God is Jesus Christ who is alive not dead.

As I begun my journey with my parents as a regular church goer nurtured me through spiritual discipline and motivated with lot of humanity. But when I was in young age, I started living my own worldly life. I used to quarrel for simple reasons & I used to fight, and I was also good at singing and dancing by this I totally became a worldly person I lost all the spiritual discipline and the motivation of Christ and my parents.

When I was in engineering final year in 2006 November my mom was sick and she was about to die because of breathing problem, we are hopeless & helpless and there is no answer from doctor’s about this sickness. I thought my mom will die, but one fine day me & my family members prayed together according to Mathew 18:20 “ for where two or three gather together in my name, I am there in midst of them ”. then I cried to Heal my sick mom she was Healed an the same day. I was so deeply impressed & inspired by the Love of God on my family then I left all the worldly pleasure & treasure.

I accepted my sins according to ll cor. 7:10 “ For Godly sorrow producess repentance leading to salvation “. Then the Lord’s Love came up on me unexpectedly I saw a huge bright light I ever saw it before in my past life. Astonishingly I believe a fresh anointing of the Holy spirit has came up on me I shivered and a fire has gone into me which has started burning my spirit, soul and body and then this made me absolute obedient towards God.

Sub sequently, in the age of 22 yrs God has transformed my heart that I need to be available and accountable for his call and commission in this I could able to realize and recognize the appointment of God for me to fullfil his vision in these end days.

More over God intervened in my life and he had talked to me through meditations of the holy sciptures dreams and visions. When I go to his presence he will reveal what is going to be happened in future for his people and the nature.

All the bibilical knowledge I have is what the Holy Spirit imparts to me quite directly when I study the bible according to 1 John 2:27 which says “As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit–just as it has taught you, remain in him.

From 2006 gradually many people were being anointed and filled with the Holy spirit and the power of God working in them to do the ministry. Many sick are healed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, even the pastors witnessed through this ministry.

I prayed fervently to move according to the call and will of God. In my ministry in 2007 when I was working as engineer, God definatively spoke to me and asked me to resign and come out of my secular job. Accordingly I came out and began my full time ministry, since then God has been helping me to do his ministry with great joy though I have the fear of starvation and poverty.

When I was in fasting prayer, God showed me the name of my ministry i.e, Jesus Holy Fire Ministry and the board of members whom I have to keep in ministry in the year 2009. I Overwhelmed with Joy when I heared the Lord’s word and the vision towards my ministry JHFM was registered by the Indian Government in Nov-2009.

Then I was trained bibilically and certified as clergy.

God talked with me about the future a sweet promise to preach Gospel and make desciples for my Gospel, I am going to do signs & wonders through you, when you pray and lay your hands on people and the people who have zeal to do ministry I will comedown intimate to them details of their future ministry and pour on them the same gifts and power which I have endowed you with!

On that day onwards when the Lord hath Launched this vision activated as “ Jesus Holy Fire Ministries “. Consequently established the “ Indian christian theological college “ which is committed for the theological upgradation studies and training to the in opportunity specially the gospel workers of unorganised independent and to all those who want to continue bibilical studies.

Year yearly God expanded my ministry, millions of thanks to our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ who made me to stand firm and lead in my ministry in high humangous position in christian world.

Many of the pastors who were trained in our I.C.T.C are being blessed in their ministry.

Iam reaching every goal what god kept for me to accomplish by his grace . though I have financial crisis and tribulations in my life only God hath brought the divine ecstacy in to my heart and then I my self cheer up to stand firm in God.

In 2012 – Feb – 13 , God gave me a good wife Sravanthi Karun, I can see all the fruits of spirit in her and she takes care about me and my family and the ministerial activities.

I hope the firm solidification of my ministry was did by God my lord Jesus Christ!.

I obey to lord in all the aspects of my life to accomplish His vision on my ministry.