Indian Christian Theological College

On that day onwards when the Lord hath Launched this vision activated as “ Jesus Holy Fire Ministries “. Consequently established the “ Indian christian theological college “ which is committed for the theological upgradation studies and training to the in opportunity specially the gospel workers of unorganised independent and to all those who want to continue bibilical studies. Year yearly God expanded my ministry, millions of thanks to our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ who made me to stand firm and lead in my ministry in high humangous position in christian world. Many of the pastors who were trained in our I.C.T.C are being blessed in their ministry.

ICTC stands for Indian Christian Theological College started with a vision to help people get Bible knowlege and training to serve as Ministers in the Kingdom of God under the supervision of professional senior administrators directors, lecturers and senators. Many pastors were trained as a part of Bible training and were ordained as Pastors to reap the harvest into kingdom of God. As a part of the training you will be able to learn the History of Bible and how to go about in the rural ministry.

Organisation struction: The deed was established under the constitutional of Indian Society registration at 35/2001 with reguistration number 730. ICTC contains religious and institutional activities through that we serve with love our Indian people in social, cultuural and good teachings of jesus Christ.

Faculty: We have high grade professional senior administrators, directors, lecturers and senators and the legal adviser are here there in our college campus.

Library: ICTC needs special attention to build and maintain a very good library. Ictc maintains theologiucal books, cd’s and historical proofs of bible, church history, pastorial ministries, world religions, O.T.survey, N.T.survey, synopsis of gospels, letters of saint paul, book of revelation, major prophets, minor prophets, apostles history, etc

Courses Offered :

Certificate Courses :

Diploma Courses :

Bachelore degree programme :

Master degree programme:

Doctoral and research programme:


Certificate courses 6 months

For Diploma courses 12 months

For Bachelor degree programme 2years

For Master degree programme 3 years


Fee structure, Duration of course depends on the study center director.

Strategy :

ICTC arranging many types of training programmes like leader ship training, pastoral counselling seminars ,seminars on mission works,church planting ,youth and women participation in church growth.

** making normal pastors as certified pastors **