JESUS Holy Fire Ministries

whoever comes to me I will never drive away. - John 6:37


" JESUS Light of the world "

Rev Polepaka Karun Sravan (Founder: JHFM)

I strongly believe that we can change our circumstances by believing in the true Light, Lord Jesus Christ and having faith in him at times of trouble. All the promises are yea and amen in the LORD. So we need to confess the promises according to our need and see them being fulfilled in our lives. Jesus said that He is the Way, Truth and Life. So if you know the truth then truth shall set you free and break away from the bondage of darkness."

Do you have a Prayer Request?

Are you in need of prayer, are you suferring from sickness, evil spirits, tribulation, financial crisis or any sort of unsloved problems. Then we have a Good News, Scripture says when two or more agree on something on this earth God will fulfill it in Heaven. We have a prayer team who will pray on your behalf. So if you have any prayer request drop a mail to us or you can, contact me!

Need a Miracle?

* We conduct Healing and Anointing service at our Prayer Tower every month First sunday

Our Address:

# 11-4-296, Christian Colony

(Beside Centenary Baptist Church),

Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Worship Timings: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

* We conduct evening prayer service at our Prayer Tower every month third Saturday

Worship Timings: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

* We also conduct worship at Secunderabad

Worship Timings: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

For Details Contact : 9866185413, 9949638143

For Rural Ministry Services Contact Here.

Get Bible Training at Indian Christian Theological College


About Indian Christian Theological College

ICTC stands for Indian Christian Theological College started with a vision to help people get Bible knowlege and training to serve as Ministers in the Kingdom of God under the supervision of professional senior administrators directors, lecturers and senators. Many pastors were trained as a part of Bible training and were ordained as Pastors to reap the harvest into kingdom of God. As a part of the training you will be able to learn the History of Bible and how to go about in the rural ministry.


Testimony of Rev. Polepaka Karun Sravan

Rev Polepaka Karun Sravan was born into a Christian Family, to Mr. Polepaka Sudarshan garu and Mrs Kamala garu. He is an engeneering graduate and a person who was wordly. He never knew what is there in the Bible as he never opened it before. But one day a personal situation of his made him to kneel before an opened Bible and as time passed by the pages were becoming wet due to his tears to get things right. What was the situation which made him to cry?


Our recent work

Rural Ministry Photos
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Jesus Freak - Our Youth Retreat
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Church construction at Dupakunta
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About JHFM

JHFM stands for Jesus Holy Fire Ministries started with a vision to save the lost souls into kingdom of God. Our promise is based on John 6:37 which quotes "whoever comes to me I will never drive away." So with this promise we under the leadership of lord Jesus Christ go forward to reach those who are unheard of his love irrespective of place, community and caste.

There is no price for Blood of Jesus. Wake up and ask Jesus to forgive your sins. The blood of Jesus will cleanse you from all your sins if you confess and repent.
PLEASE be in faith who will change the bitter situations into sweeter. When the people of Israel and the servant of God, Moses cried out to God, God made the bitter water (MARAH) more tastier , NOW that place is called as Hawarah. According to exodus 15:23-27. You too do the same thing then you will have hope in Christ.
Jesus Christ accepts the broken heart but not your food or your money. Expecting something from others is "Human Heart " giving to others from what you have is "Gods Heart". Hope you have a God kind of Heart like David.
That's what Karun Brother said!